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William Wesley: One man NBA powerhouse?

Discussion in 'NBA Dish' started by Saado, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Saado

    Saado Member

    Feb 23, 2007
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    Just read this post on a site I frequent, Real Cavs Fans. Interesting post to say the least, wonder how our team is involved with this man?


    OK. I'm going to finally write a piece on a man that I've been wanting to write about for a long long time. But, I've started and stopped many times, and never really decided to click the send button.

    The person I'm going to give you an inside look at, that most people inside the game know, but will never talk openly on record about is this man. His name is William Wesley. He's a supposed mortgage broker who really doesn't broker any mortgages ,,at least in terms of real estate .. he's got a lady in his life who happens to be a teacher, but she doesn't teach. But, she happens to have her name entitled to allot of businesses that are aligned in the concierge line ...

    Although they have no truly visible means of support, they have two private planes, more money and power than God Almighty ...and have more influence in the world of basketball than you'll ever imagine.

    So, what is it this man does ? That's the question of the day that everyone can probably imagine and likely figure out to some degree, but, you'll never know the true story.

    What he is, is the most powerful man in basketball. His greatest attribute is said to be that he can keep secrets very well, expects those close to him to keep his, and all will work out for them in the end.

    When people wonder why ESPN has this huge vendetta against Cleveland, and them keeping Lebron James ....it likely comes from one source and one source only. That source is Wes Wesley. When you wonder where Steven A Smith gets all this inside information on players wants and wishes...it comes from Wes Wesley.

    What he is is a facilitator between young athletes that aren't really business savvy, and the whole wide business world of the NBA.

    How does he get in with these guys ?

    He gets close to them when they are very young. He assists them in profiting off their potential, before it's legal to profit off your abilities as a young athlete. That's how he initially gets in with these kids... it's how guys like Lebron James can start enjoying the finer things in life when he's in 11th grade.

    I first saw Lebron James and coached him in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. That's the first time I ever met this guy "Wes" that was always hanging around. Over the years you learn that he's this guy that basically works the connection highway between these kids and their college choices, their eventual shoe deals, and even a number of things that these players have in their lives that they would prefer to keep quiet.

    He does allot of the dirty work, and paves the way for these kids to get what they want, and in return, he gives them the connections they need to benefit them in their lives both professionally, and personally.

    For those who wonder how it is he's gotten so wealthy and powerful, I can say that that power comes from him being the unofficial representation for these kids. By being placed in his trust, he garners power from the powers that be in the industry. Those powers are of course the college that recruit them, the shoe companies that look to get their endorsements, and all the other businesses and enterprises that can gain from being attached to high profile celebrity.

    When you wonder why Lebron James initially selected Aaron Goodwin, and then abruptly switched to Leon Rose ...you need look no further than Wes Wesley.

    He's the guy that seems to pull the levers in many many areas of these athletes lives, including Lebron James.

    He has to remain a very low profile because what he does to keep the pipeline of talents coming down the road, in terms of recruiting them while they are still high school kids ...well, it's illegal what he does.

    Thus, his profile needs to be kept very low, and it's why you don't see him getting exposed by shoe companies, or NBA Teams, or players etc ... He holds allot of power, and you have to tread very very carefully in how you approach anyone that has him as "counsel", or his representation.

    He is the fly on the wall in every board room discussing the prospect of having an NBA star, or potential star join with their school, business, or organization.

    Allot of dirty business goes on in the basketball world at the high school levels, and Wes Wesley is the most key spoke in that wheel of discreet illegal business.

    He stays in power because nobody has stepped forward yet with the stones to unearth his practices, and expose the nature of the business at that level of the game.

    At some point it will, but until that happens, it will be business as usual.

    He's ingrained himself in the basketball and hip hop worlds quite completely. And he has power in the media as well ..especially inside Fox Sports and ESPN where he gets people hired and used on air with great regularity.

    And it is no secret to people inside the game who these people are, and most of them have been trumpeting the Lebron to NY angle with great regularity for a couple years now.

    Again, it's no coincidence.

    At some point this man will push his powers too far and anger the wrong people, and you'll see a deep and broad investigation done into his practices, until then ...it will be business as usual.

    For a long time it was said the most powerful people in sports were Knight from Nike, Agent Aaron Goodwin, etc ... Goodwin lost his spot when he fell out of favor with Wesley. Soon after... Leon Rose, a close friend of Wesley's started getting Goodwin's clients, including Lebron James.

    It wouldn't be a huge surprise to many to know that Wesley is the key go-between between Nike and these athlete's, and Leon Rose and these athletes'. These athletes just don't all start believing in this Leon Rose guy a few years back who had a client list that included just one marginal NBA talent.

    What Rose was able to get, was an inside business relationship born between himself and Wes Wesley. I'm most definitely sure that "Worldwide Wesley" as he has been coined is getting a set percentage of all endorsement deals and representation contracts that these clients have with these athletes that Wesley brings to them.

    It's how a guy with no identifiable job, and a live in girlfriend who is listed as a grade school teacher happen to have homes worth tens of millions of dollars, private jets, and a number of discreet and oddly titled corporations in her name that seem to cater to high end travelers and "businessmen" linked to the entertainment fields.

    It's a puzzle that can be easily put together by an inquiring mind, but one you won't hear too many inside the network of these athlete's ever talk about openly and honestly ...

    The reason as stated above is, that the nature by which he feeds his empires continued growth, is being fed off of the illegal business practices that he utilizes with these young athletes and their families when they are still very very young. Sometimes just entering their teens.

    As a person who has made his life in the part of the game that Wes Wesley uses as his feeding ground ...I know all to well what he is about. He is about what is all wrong at that level of the sport, and needs to eventually be brought to light and uncovered.

    If ..IF Lebron James ends up going to NY, it will most definitely have Wes Wesley's fingerprints all over it. He has a personal angle to having Leborn in NY, that much is blatantly obvious to the powers inside the game of basketball. Wes Wesley is the man behind the scenes that wants Lebron James to make his next move into the NY market, it's an unmistakable fact to those that know how the NBA works behind the scenes.

    We'll never truly know how it is that Wesley ultimately benefits from this scenario taking place, but all we know is ..he will, and he's going to use all the power he has at his disposal to try and influence it the best he can.

    Lebron, yes ...has continued to follow the advise that Wesley has been counseling him on throughout his career. The key and most notable deals being his 1st representation deal with Aaron Goodwin ...his Nike shoe contract, and then cutting ties with Goodwin and going with Leon Rose as his representation. All the deals had Wes Wesley as the middleman between Lebron and those persons, and business.

    Those are only the most high profile business moves ..many more exist as well.

  2. BrooksBall

    BrooksBall Contributing Member

    Jul 18, 2007
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    Auburn Hills, Michigan, November 2004. William Wesley, a middle-aged mortgage broker, runs onto the court to shield Ron Artest from a uniformed police officer wielding a can of pepper spray. Artest’s teammates are trading haymakers with fans; coaches and referees are struggling to restore order. The mortgage broker lunges forward and throws his hands in the cop’s face, and in the next instant, Pacers teammates Austin Croshere and Reggie Miller rush to restrain Artest. Through a tempest of tossed soda and popcorn, Wesley moves on to shepherding the Pacers’ Jermaine O’Neal on the court. Once in the tunnel, O’Neal breaks free, but Wesley wraps him in a bear hug and drags him to the locker room.

    Two years later, when I ask Reggie Miller about Wesley’s presence on the court, he’ll say: “What the hell is he doing out there in the middle of all that? I mean, what is he doing? He has no business out there! He injects himself into the middle of everything!”
  3. orbb

    orbb Contributing Member

    Dec 9, 2002
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    sounds like one of those conspiracy theories floating on the web. makes for a good story though :D
  4. mrm32

    mrm32 Member

    Jun 26, 2006
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    So is he the reason we have Artest? McGrady?
  5. kikimama

    kikimama Member

    Jun 29, 2006
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    Seriously, it's not that hard to anonymously put out this "conspiracy" information on the web. If someone had some real proof, it would have already been out there.
  6. mrm32

    mrm32 Member

    Jun 26, 2006
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    There's this article on GQ that really looks into this guy. Even hints at Michael Jordan's gambling problem with the "wrong" people and that he saved him from being killed. Interesting person if he's really that influential.
  7. shastarocket

    shastarocket Contributing Member

    Jul 18, 2006
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    From the looks of the post from the Cavs Board, i think no. It seems that the post describes him as pushing his clients into serious money markets, houston is not a basketball city. If artest gets a lucarative deal in a major money market next yr, id say he was behind this. Its not like T-Mac decided where he was traded; it was just the best that Orlando could get at the time.

    This sucks big time man. Maybe the Lakers have this guy to thank for all this recent success? I find it ridiculous that one summer kobe is demanding trades and the next they are in the finals. effin bs.
  8. steddinotayto

    steddinotayto Contributing Member
    Supporting Member

    Aug 10, 2001
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    Go to Abbott's Truehoop website and look up this guys name. Any and every blog post Abbott does on Wesley is an interesting read.
  9. HeWhoIsLunchbox

    HeWhoIsLunchbox Contributing Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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  10. plutoblue11

    plutoblue11 Member

    Dec 13, 2006
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    I don't how reliable the source of this story is or what Wesley might have done with high school to NBA players, but I do know these kind professions are filled with seedy (meddling) middle men (and women). I don't really think you can police these kind of people, and when they are big dollars flying over a person-product (athletes, performers, entertainers as products), it's kind difficult to control living entity versus a casual consumer product (hygenine, food, and other retail products).

    I will even say most of the person-product fields are ones that in some cases do require middle-men (indepedent talent scouts, managers)...it is almost magnetic for things to happen under the table or away from an office or board room. Since, it is a career for some of these people to make connections and "build the highways" between the stars and whoever is dishing out the money.

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