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2011 Rockets Draft Pool

Discussion in '2020 NBA Draft' started by Cohete Rojo, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Cohete Rojo

    Cohete Rojo Contributing Member

    Oct 29, 2009
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    This is for the Tip Jar.

    Basically we will be deciding on what type of player Morey drafts with the Rockets' 1st round pick, and there is a sort of detour if there is no 1st round selection by the Rockets or multiple 1st round selections.

    You will be choosing certain catagories to describe the type of player you believe Morey will draft in the 1st round. If you are correct with your submitted descriptions, you do not owe the tip jar; but for every submitted description that you are wrong, you must either submit $10 or a dollar amount greater than that of your choosing if you so wish. You do not have to submit your answer for each category, but I ask that there be a $20 minimum.

    Here are the catagories:

    0. Will there be a player drafted in the 1st round by the Houston Rockets (basically if you think we will draft a player say so, and if you think we won't say so, i.e. trade all 1st round picks so therefore no player drafted)

    -Yes, there will be a player drafted in 1st round
    -No, there will not be a player drafted in 1st round

    1. Playing Classification: (Basically their amatuer and residential status. So I used International to mean no college and outside the US)

    -Upper classmen (Junior/Senior)
    -Lower classmen (Freshman/Sophmore)
    -International (Including Jeremy Tyler).

    2. Position (For this classification, we will use draftexpress.com's classification for what NBA position they feel the player will fill out. i.e. NBA: PF/C means a combination or PF and C)

    -Point guard
    -Shooting guard
    -Small forward
    -Power forward
    -or a combination of any 2 (specify which 2. Because draftex uses G and F: G will mean PG/SG and F will mean SF/PF)

    3. Relative size for position (will try to use draftexpress.com scouting report or other reputable scouting sites/sources or some sort of clutchfans concensus opinion)

    -Undersized (too small)
    -Oversized (too big)
    -Ideal fit

    4. Absolute height (as specified on draftexpress.com's pre-draft measurements height with shoes, if not listed then we will go off whatever measurement appears in their header)

    -shorter than or equal to 6' 3''
    -greater than 6' 3'' to 6' 6''
    -greater than 6' 6'' to 6' 10''
    -greater than 6' 10''

    Trade Rules (how to define which pick to use if there are more than one or none at all):

    1. If there is a trade to a acquire a different first round pick or more than one first round pick, the first pick will be used for submission in this contest. i.e. trade the 14th for 3rd and 8th then the 3rd pick is it, or if the 14th is traded for future 1st rounders we will then use the Rockets pick from the Magic).

    2. If the first player drafted in the 1st round by the Rockets is traded we will still use that pick.

    3. If the pick is traded and there are no first round picks and you did not specify this in Catagory 0, you owe half that $10 plus half of everything else you submitted.

    Submission rules:

    1. Make your final decision and submit before 5:00 pm the day of the 2011 NBA Draft on June 23rd.

    I think the deadline should give us enough time to account for updates on who the Rockets are working out, trade talk and anything else.

    If there are rules you feel should be ammended or added, or catagories that should be added please discuss that and much more so that we may work a solution.

    So who is interested?
  2. Sydeffect

    Sydeffect Member

    Sep 6, 2010
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    I'd rather not Morey surprises me too often.
  3. Ricksmith

    Ricksmith Contributing Member

    May 6, 2009
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    I'm in, but I won't make my predictions now. I'll wait til the week of the draft.

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