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Oct 20, 2020 at 10:06 PM
Nov 22, 2010
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degree in ball


Member, from woodlands

In again Dec 7, 2018

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Oct 20, 2020 at 10:06 PM
    1. IBTL
      In again
      1. Marteen
        Your Joel Osteen profile pic was hilarious, wish you kept it.
        Nov 19, 2019
        IBTL likes this.
      2. IBTL
        He is the true joker lol
        Nov 19, 2019
        Marteen likes this.
    2. MikeMania
      Hey there,

      Recently contacted you to join the private stream. However, the password seems to have changed since then. My e-mail is mikemania@ymail.com. Thanks!
    3. BallardLocks
      How long has Juxtaposed been admin, and he's already abusing it? That same, spiteful, pro-Lin/ anti-Harden/Mchale/Beverley attitude from Lin's fans that makes CF unbearable sometimes is spreading to game chat, and now they not only encourage it, but ban anyone who is calls out these Lin trolls. Your game chat is starting to look exactly like these game threads, http://www.jeremylin.net/2014/01/game-41-rockets-vs-okc-post-game-thread.html and I would not be surprised if they are the same peeps mooching off your stream.

      Please do not give admin responsibility to someone without such an awful bias and an obvious power trip to go along with it. This is a team chat, and the pissed off bandwagoners mooching off of your kindness, who obviously hate Lin's teammates and coach, are sucking the fun right out of game chat now. Don't believe me, review the game chat log for the CLE game.
    4. BallardLocks
      Hey IBTL, Juxtaposed Jolt, the Lin fanatic (see his post history), doesn't care about people in chat constantly trashing Harden, Mchale, or Bev, but didn't tolerate anyone criticizing Lin or HIS FANS in chat. Sleepyazn (why is this guy allowed in your game stream???), who was already perm banned from CF (just ask Clutch about him) for these exact reasons, continues to spew his hate in game chat any time "Haren" makes a mistake or "Mcfail" or "crackhead" Beverley does anything... One of the other chatters said "Sleepy can you please stop hating on everyone not named Lin?" (One of the few things he said all night) And Juxtaposed banned him. Nope, he didn't ban the LOF trolls who are cussing at our team and coach all night, he bans the Rox fan who asks him to stop doing it. Then he braggeed about it in chat, so that the other little Lin fanboys could praise him for it. I told Juxtaposed I'd make you and RoxNation aware of this admin abuse, he said "So what" "Go tell them, I don't care!".
    5. cougar34
      hey IBTL. is it possible for me to acquire the password for the yolasite link? my email is ghulam.dhanani@yahoo.com
    6. xsoul
      Hey IBTL, do you think it's possible to add more people to the group? I really hope I can join in because I love the stream so much. I don't know if you remember the name SPPS there, but I like to be in the chat. Please add me.
    7. OldYelllowDog
      is it time to lock down the RoxNation group? Over 400 and stream is good. Thank you so much!
    8. Yohohoho
      Did the login and password on htown site change? Not able to log in with the same information anymore. qrqrafafzvzv@gmail.com
    9. coffeelover665
      Hey can I get a link to the new stream? alexhoang665@yahoo.com
    10. cebunit
      Any luck w the link and ps?
    11. mike3189
      Could i get a link and password? my email is mrodriguez3189@hotmail.com thanks
    12. Icehouse
      Oops, I thought the link was only for the games in China. Please resend to kingmalaki@hotmail.com.
    13. skenney1993
      Hello. Could you please send me the link? My email is sam.kenney@gmail.com. Thanks.
    14. apcgamb24
      Hey can you send me the Rockets link? Email address is aadam824@yahoo.com

      Thanks a lot
    15. matthewsq
      Yo Thanks for the rep I just saw that. I love reading your post actually. BTW what do you think of this? I'd want to see Lin-Parsons-Casspi-Dwight-Asik (while Harden is injured). Everyone is equal in offensive talent in this line up. Hence, the ball won't get sticky. Lin can run the offence without anyone hogging the ball.
      3 people who can shoot 3's to spread the floor. 2 people who are God in rebounding and defending and monsters under the basket. 1 great slasher and 2 good slasher.
      4-5 people who are good-great at defending. Above all their height compared to the position would be above average.
    16. C.C.Designs
    17. C.C.Designs
      Please send me the link? Vonbat@yahoo.com
    18. buffalobills!!!
      I am in need of a link. aceflip44@gmail.com thanks
    19. IBTL
      sent to your email. check junk folder too
    20. davestrate
      I am also in need of the link, dvdposada@yahoo.com thanks a million
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    tonights the night you can fall in love...

    you can call your momma right now tell her you met a thug
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