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  1. daywalker02
  2. TWS1986
    TWS1986 IBTL
    TWS1986 wuz here. :).
  3. DeBeards
    things not going well, but stay as a die-hard rockets fan
  4. Sledge187
    Greatest 5 - Dream-Malone-Clyde-T-Mac-Harden- Bench 7- Horry,Barkley,Cassel, Calvin,Yao,Franchise,CP3
  5. Puppet Master
    Puppet Master
    You are under control!!
  6. TWS1986
    TWS1986 CCity Zero
    Sup man, you alive? lol.
  7. IBTL
    IBTL tmoney1101
    T-Money walked in and he told me what had happened

    I knew him from the hood, but I did not know him well

    He drove a red jag, and I knew that he was bale

    He said he was high rollin when he seen me in distress

    He said he killed the mutha****in ni**ggas with his tec

    He offered me a job said he'd front me what I needed

    I said that I was willing dreamin one day I would be..

    Mr. Big
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  8. IBTL
    IBTL AstrosRockets1818
    trump is a one term impeached loser
  9. lloyde8
  10. ThrillaNManilla
    ThrillaNManilla Dr of Dunk
    Not sure how to PM, so I will leave my message here: Why has nothing been done with Tinman and his consistent childish posts?
  11. ThrillaNManilla
    ThrillaNManilla sushimaster
    Thanks for the like. I imagine that you feel the same way as me, which is what is important.

    Sushimaster, eh? I lived in Tokyo. Do you speak Japanese?
  12. randerson
    When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity.
  13. JayZ750
    JayZ750 red
    Basically we need somewhere not as hot 90% of the year and newish to us as we’ve done everything possible in and around central Texas and Texas overall. Our preference is Westwards. My preference is within a days drive of a coast.

    California is expensive af. Hence... the PNW.

    But maybe we’ll just move to Portugal. Lol.
  14. JayZ750
    JayZ750 red
    Right... I’ve heard lots of pros/cons to Seattle as you’ve definitely laid out. It’s been about 10 years since I last visited. We are a ways away form any decision and would do a scouting trip or two first.

    Everything is pointing me more towards the PDX metro... but I don’t really want to pay Oregon state income taxes.
  15. JayZ750
    JayZ750 red
    Nice. We are early stages considering relocating from Austin to PNW. Not sure where. I can work remote so I think being g I. Washington is better from tax purposes. But that could mean northern Portland suburbs or elsewhere. I’ve heard conflicting info on Seattle. Like it’s become to corporate big tech bro ish.

    Just looking for info! Thanks
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    2. red
      but it is beautiful up here. You can surf and ski in the same day. summers are perfect here. june/july/august is rain free, clear skys. and 70ish. stays green all year. winters are usually mild.
      Oct 22, 2020
    3. red
      outside of seattle it can get to trump county real quick. not sure about the corp big tech broish vibe. but its not my world so i don't really see it. can't speak for portland. have only gone down to watch the rox.
      Oct 22, 2020
    4. red
      restaurants and quality of food/farmers markets A+
      bicycle friendly. got a hockey team now.
      Oct 22, 2020
  16. JayZ750
    JayZ750 topfive
    yo topfive!
    have some questions about the PNW if you're still living there?
    1. topfive
      Yep, still here and happy to help. Shoot me an email with your questions: chris@humorlabs.com
      Oct 20, 2020
  17. JayZ750
    JayZ750 Pizza_Da_Hut
    Yo, have some questions about the PNW if you're still living there?
  18. JayZ750
    JayZ750 red
    Hey red, have some questions about the PNW if you're still living there? Thanks!
    1. red
      I am. Been here since 2001. What would you like to know.
      Oct 21, 2020
  19. sirjesse
    We are just a Stone's throw away from JVG.
  20. TWS1986
    TWS1986 CCorn
    Jiggy Jiggy.
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