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Originally Posted by IBTL View Post
8 losses might do this.

remember though.. we are talking bob *cheap cheap*

Mc Status Quo is going to ride these home sellouts and money grab as long as he can.

This is a nuclear winter ownership.

Brace yourselves.. it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Even then the constant is ownership. This is going to take several more years to come out.. so in that sense we are still in the beginning stages of the comedy. This is still act 1. As long as mcnair is owner winning wont matter, hurt feelings, raising parking prices, thats the real bottom line.

And you thought rosencopter was the low light? chuckle how cute. Cant wait to see mccheap trying to trade out of the #1 pick because hes scared to spend. Or use the #1 to pick the 3rd best on the board because of signability. We've seen that one before.

Not a winning ownership. Mccheap needs to sell the team and show the city of houston some mercy.

And people were saying *rock bottom* 4 losses ago.
I was told "Kubes" was told that he would be fired if Oakland beat the Texans. Could explain why Schaub was thrown in the game. Also for those wondering, starting Case against Indy was a Front Office decision, not a Kubes.