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ch0c0b0fr34k is Donatas Motiejunas -- starting to get dangerously goodch0c0b0fr34k is Donatas Motiejunas -- starting to get dangerously good
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I applied for an internship with Ho Chen. If I get it I read tweets to him so he can read them to you guys. Wish me luck

"I shot (free throws) like I was Mark Price. I had a slower song tonight in my head. Last night I had a fast song and I was going too fast. Tonight I had a couple slow jams playing in my head and I did pretty good so I'm going to keep it up. ... The playlist was some Tank, some Tyrese and some Usher and some Beyonce. And on the Beyonce's I hit all net so I might have to keep singing Beyonce."
- Dwight Howard on his excellent free throw shooting technique