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Which is more fitting your lifestyle, Royce: Making millions of dollars to play basketball and not letting your disorder defeat you, or crying in the corner all day like the wimp you are?

I wanted you to succeed, Royce. As an Aspie, I was rooting for you.

But I guess basketball just isn't a game you love.

Now you'll be a footnote in history, because you refused to kick your anxiety disorder in the nuts and be a man.


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the rockets have gone 280-167 since moreys been GM.. he assembled the best rockets team weve had in years when he stole artest from the kings, he stole scola from the spurs.. and has maintained a roster that plays above .500 without a superstar let alone an all-star, yet this guy cant catch a break because he cant convince some spoiled diva superstars to play in houston. i think you guys need to relax.