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Originally Posted by IBTL View Post
Sorry but Les is the man.

Les brought us drexler,pippen,barkley,rice,francis,mcgrady,mutumbo,artest,m artin

I feel you big time, IBTL.
Hey, I'll always hold our titles and Les's efforts to win more close to my heart. Like I said, I've been an outspoken supporter from the get go. But as we've entered different phases of his ownership, cracks have started to show. He obviously bought/inherited a team with plenty of talent. Accordingly, Les was always ready to green light the big move while our window was open. As a native Houstonian, I appreciate that.

Going all in can cut both ways though as it doesn't always work out, leaving a big mess. And, it can also become addictive. After winning our first title, he makes the move for Clyde and it's all good. But then you have the trade for Big Sexy. Now, this deal has been debated for a long time. We WERE on our way to a title when Chuck went down, but there are plenty that did, and still have problems with moving those guys out. Anyway, Les feeling the Midas Touch, is making huge deals/shelling out $$$ to take advantage of the window...Enter Scottie Pippen unequivocal failure on all levels...lazy, drinking, and overrated. Later, with Stevie in the fold, Les backs up the truck to the tune of 42 million for Kelvin Cato....and finally follows that by parlaying them into the known to be less than 100% /immature Tracy Mac....At the time, most of us were on board( means to an end at minimum)....Still, interesting trend developing.....I know you win some and lose some. But, this Big Splash philosophy is evident in his actions a time when we should be rebuilding ...displaying patience. Lord knows he's made enough through Yao and we're finally free of those monster contracts...loaded with enough a$$ets and capspace to make hay.
Flash forward to the plan involving the attempted deal for Gasol and subsequent Nene signing. Sure, Herr Stern was out of line, but he most likely saved us from ourselves (Les). This would have made us "perennially good" (without a shot a title) and put fannies in the seats ....that's it. Again, it's my belief that Morey has positioned us to make big noise down the road(even if we don't get Howard and DWill, which is unlikely)...and for a long time. Already though, we have reached a point of diminishing returns at a crucial point in this cycle of the organization's existence. Under normal circumstances the future wouldn't look quite so bright....But, Les has the WIZARD. He just needs to relax, adjust his timeframe, and take the chains off DM.....

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