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I've been an ardent supporter of Les for many years, but his insistence on keeping Yao forever and the decision to "reload/stay competitive" on the fly have me frustrated to say the least. He raked in the dough and forced Rockets fans to eat the last couple of years of Yao ( handcuffing Morey) without any chance of compensation that would help rebuild/reload at the time. You would think after that, Les would take a longer perspective, and let Morey do his thing. But no, instead our owner has displayed short sighted greed. He wants fans in the seats NOW without regard for what is best for this organization in the longterm. Morey's incredible abilities as a GM are a double edged sword in Les's hands. I believe if it was up to Morey, Scola would have been long gone, selling high after the WC. The same applies to Kevin Martin.(before the Stern fiasco) For that matter, it should have started with Battier. The whole direction (or lack thereof) stinks... Unfortunately, I've had this growing feeling of a massive pink elephant in the room for quite awhile now , a VERY familiar one (and I never thought I'd say this about Les) ......But is that you, Uncle? DM playing HUN's role?
I think it was mentioned before that Morey was brought in to build a strong supporting cast for Yao and McGrady. But since that plan fell through, all we're left with is a supporting cast and no star to show for it. But I can't figure out who's at fault for this fiasco, if there really is a person to blame - Les for insisting on a win-now philosophy, all the while staying below the salary cap or Morey for not using his instincts, but rather analytics a la Moneyball to fit decent players together at the best price, and in my mind, insinuating to the league that any Rockets player is a trade asset, thus making it appear like there's no loyalty here.

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