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I love Houston and all but if you made 10 mil+ a year do you want to live here?
Really? The only thing we can sell people is no state income tax, oh and T's. But you have to wonder if any of the max players would accept a deal here.

Les is doing what he can but there hasn't been much to do. We went after Bosh and got ignored. I actually thin this team is ok. People were begging for Dalambert and iggy, and now we have one of them for half the price. It's frustrating but I don't blame Les.

Actually, I do blame him for making games boring to attend. The empty first level corporate seats get all the attention. The upper deck folks get a dude throwing 6 t-shirts from the rafters, and the occasional whistle/clap dude with the cheerleaders that aren't on the floor. So much more promotion could be done...