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Okay this is the report from Zhang Yi of

1. Was asked how he felt about the 2-week rest. TMac said it was an important decision. It's been the toughest season to him since the expectation was very high. He did not have a normal off season and training camp, mentally and physically. He played with only one leg in order to get a better record for the team but that hurt him.

2. Was 2 week enough for him to recover. He said he wasn't sure but he will force he body. He thinks he is lack of strength and he will do some weight lifiting and exercises. He legs have becoming strong now. Mentally he has to believe his body but that's not the case now.

3. Is he worried about never back to the old TMac again. TMac said he wasn't worried at all. He'll try his best. Someone thought he is over and he found it was funny but humiliating.

4. Was he motivated by the critics. TMac said he was not the kind of person who stop in front of critics. He listened and read newspapers. He was motivated and when he's back, everything will be different and he promised. He also said he's the best playmaker/facilitator, and he wants to pass the ball to his teammates. Sometime the team needs his scoring but he could not offer and that hurts the team. But after all he just wanted to help the team to get a better start of the regular season. Now to let him out for 2 weeks is the best decision.

Disclaimer: I am lousy in English I know, that's the best I could offer. Sometime you'd wish Pryuen is here, don't you?