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Zhaire Smith

Discussion in '2019 NBA Draft' started by BigMaloe, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. BigMaloe

    BigMaloe Contributing Member

    Jan 7, 2012
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    I like this kid. I’m no pro scout that’s for sure but I like him and think he will be a top 5-8 player from this draft.

    He’s currently projected towards the backend of the lottery to 20ish.

    I can see him outperform his draft a lot similarly to how Donovan Mitchell did. Not the same type of player or have the same impact necessarily but rather be the player not highly publicized and blows up and becoming very good-great.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this guy? @basketballholic you study him yet? @D-rock , you seem to study younger guys.

    I’m having a hard time thinking of a player comparison also.
  2. D-rock

    D-rock Member

    Jun 29, 2006
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    Zhaire Smith is moving up draft boards Mo, hes no longer such a well kept secret.

    I've seen him compared to Wes Matthews, Danny Green and JR Smith.

    He plays D like Marcus Smart but his O is more like Nick Johnson. Hyper-athletic but only 6-4 in shoes with not much of a shot and no skills to play point.

    His upside could be a more explosive Avery Bradley.
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  3. BigMaloe

    BigMaloe Contributing Member

    Jan 7, 2012
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    Maybe I’m just blinding myself by his amazing motor?

    He just seems to always be moving. On offense, in transition, on defense, on loose balls, on rebounds; he just goes after it.

    He seems like he has potential to be a secondary ball handler. Not really ever a main guy in that respect.

    His shooting seems to be his weak spot, but when he is set his shot looks steady enough and fluid, although the release is slow. But shooting has always been regarded as the easiest thing to teach.

    His defense looks like it will be top notch. And he seems to be a perfect defensive fit in the modern nba able to switch defend multiple positions.

    He is raw on attacking and creating his own shot, but is still so young and a relatively late blossomer.

    His athleticism is great. He jumps; is the word I’m looking for fast? It’s just when he leaps he gets high so fast. It’s explosive.

    He has all the great intangibles, and effort. It seems like he will be very dedicated but that’s me projecting his hustle on the court to his desire off the court.

    I was thinking a rich version of Avery Bradley, good call @D-rock
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  4. Raider17

    Raider17 Member

    Oct 8, 2015
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    As someone who saw Smith play at Tech frequently this last year, I can confirm that his athleticism may be one of the best in the entire draft, if not the best. However he never handled the ball much (mostly because he doesn't have a good handle) and is a little short to play anything but the point. His defense was great and I really do believe he can be very good nba player but he is going to take some time to develop and don't think he will make a huge impact his first season. but down the line..
  5. basketballholic

    basketballholic Contributing Member

    Feb 5, 2013
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    I see the athleticism. I see the motor.

    The combination of a lack of a jump shot plus a lack of a handle always gives me pause.

    There was a player several years ago that was being compared to Michael Jordan because of his ferocious drive and work ethic. I could see he had great work ethic. And he was long and very athletic. But his jump shot was a mess and his handle very limited.

    Zhaire has a better chance than MKG did to overcome his shooting issue because his mechanics aren't as bad. And he could develop his handle somewhat. But I don't see him being able tuck develop it beyond role player status. And the combination of a shooting deficit with a handle deficit is one of those things that seals the deal for my evaluation. I'm not saying synth can't kvetching those issues. I'm just saying I would pass on him until late in the first or the second. Odds are too long for me to want to give up any significant assets to acquire him.
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