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    Who is planning on traveling with a group of fans to see our Houston Texans play on the road this year?

    Here are the away games for this season and the starting cost of flights currently: (Starting flight rates will be based on arriving the day before the game and leaving the day after the game. Obviously this can all be adjusted depending on what you’re planning on doing.)

    Thursday, September 14th @ Cincinnati Bengals- Nonstop flights from $147
    Sunday, September 24th @ New England Patriots- Nonstop flights from $199
    Sunday, October 29th @ Seattle Seahawks- Nonstop flights from $506
    Sunday, November 12th @ LA Rams- Nonstop flights from $129
    Monday, November 27th @ Baltimore Ravens- Nonstop flights from $468
    Sunday, December 3rd @ Tennessee Titans- Nonstop flights from $323
    Sunday, December 17th @ Jacksonville Jaguars- Nonstop flights from $285
    Sunday, December 31st @ Indianapolis Colts- Nonstop flights from $489

    My wife, Jessie, with The Vacation Hut located here in Houston, Texas can take care of all of your travel needs. She’s already working up a trip for a decent size group to go to the Houston Texans vs. Seattle Seahawks game. If you or your squad is interested in planning an incredible trip to see our Texans on the road this year, Jessie, is your go to travel agent!

    Contact her at

    Visit the website at and call for any questions just mention Clutchfans and Jessie, they will get you to the right person. LETS GO TEXANS!!!!!

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