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Surmising about the draft and Orlando

Discussion in '2020 NBA Draft' started by jopatmc, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. jopatmc

    jopatmc Contributing Member

    Sep 4, 2002
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    I surmise that Jordan and Cho want Beal but they don't want him at 2. They'd like to trade down and still get him and either get an unprotected pick in next year's draft or another pick in this draft or the opportunity to trade draft position with another team in next year's draft.

    I surmise they are targeting Cleveland at 4 or Portland at 6 and 11. I think they will threaten to take Robinson at #2 to see if they can squeeze a small asset from Washington to leave Robinson for them at #3. I don't think that will work.

    Their next play is to let everybody know that they are trading the pick. Hence the rumor about trading for Rudy Gay. Cho is not that dumb. That rumor was put out there to see if they could get Cleveland or Portland to the table to talk turkey. Cleveland has let it be known that they are taking Barnes at #4. I think that is legit. Probably a reach. But nonetheless, I think it is legit. Cho is trying to see if they are interested in MKG. Cleveland has 4 picks in this draft. They're wanting to make some trades. No way do they want to draft 4 kids and have 4 rookies on the team.

    So, either Cleveland wants MKG or they don't and they are dead set on Harrison Barnes. If they take KG and throw Charlotte an asset or two, either their lower first rounder or one or both of their second rounders, Charlotte will trade down.

    So, if Cleveland does indeed trade down with Charlotte, Charlotte is at 4 and Beal is still on the board. They will most likely take Beal right there and call it a day. That is...unless they are fairly certain that Sacramento is going to go for Drummond or Henson or make a trade and they can still get Beal at 6. They may gamble from 4 and see if they can get Portland to give them 6 and 11 for 4 and whatever they got from Cleveland. However, I don't think they risk someone striking a deal with Sacramento because the odds are too good Beal could slip away from them at 4.

    Now, if Charlotte cannot entice Cleveland to do a swap and Cleveland is set on Barnes and takes him at 4, then Charlotte is holding MKG with Sacramento on the clock and Beal still on the board.

    And this is where it gets dicey. Sacramento really needs a long PF and a PG. They have landlocked themselves with wings. And none of them have trade value because of the size and length of their contracts. Who is going to take Salmons, Garcia, Thornton, or Evans?? Garcia could possibly be moved as an expiring contract. Sacramento is in a pickle. They've either got to take a long shot on Drummond...who really doesn't fit with Cousin, or they've got to take Beal and add another wing (ridiculous) or they've got to pick Henson (probably a good fit) for need, or they've got to take a guy like Perry Jones (who wants to play SF) and see if they can play him as a stretch 4 or they've got to look at a trade. I think Lowry and #14 is a possibility here.

    So, worst case scenario, in all likelihood either pick 5, 6, or 8 is going to be up for grabs.

    Why am I bringing this up???

    It's not about who we can draft at those slots. It's about being able to attain the pick that will give Orlando the guy they want that puts them over the top on doing a trade with us.

    So, who is that guy??? Won't know until the GM and front office is brought in.

    But what if it is Drummond???? And Sacramento is on the board at #5?? Could we make a deal good enough for Sacramento to say yes? Hey, Lowry and whoever is left at 14 (Zeller, possibly PJIII, possibly Moultrie, or Royce White).

    What if Orlando decides they want Beal, good player with Florida roots? And he is still there at 6 when Portland is on the clock? Lowry and #14??

    A big key to us being able to get Dwight is figuring out who Orlando wants out of this draft sans Davis. It's hard to know right now. Perhaps they really don't want anyone (doubtful).

    However if Orlando does want a particular player out of this draft, I think we've got the pieces to make it happen for them.
  2. xiki

    xiki Contributing Member

    Jun 18, 2002
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    OK, I can buy your logic flow. That is if I can buy that Charlotte has a plan.

    No GM, as you pointed out, as yet in Orlando.
    New GM, after a year, in Portland.
    New arena in a new city or an old arena in the old city = no plan.
    SnT for Nash or let him walk or have him stay. Phx is an isn't.
    Clips = Clips. What will they do and who will do it, Sterling or a real GM?
    Bird Rights. How will the arbiter rule?
    Hawks have half a roster with the salary cap already (virtually) met.
    Heat could lose tomorrow nite.
    C's could lose tomorrow nite.
    6ers may amnesty Brand and/or trade Iggy.
    Cubes and Donnie always swing.

    How can we surmise any of the above let alone all of them. That left out the Lakes, Nyets, GSW and just about everyone else. How can a team go proactive waiting for so much to sort itself out?
  3. Garner

    Garner Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    Why are you glossing over the fact that Beal would fit like a glove with Washington?


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