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    Pick 20 players from the draft that you think Texans could take to see how many you get correct.
    It's very easy - it doesn't matter what rounds you take them from but the more rounds and positions you cover, the more chances you have of hitting. You must put name and position.
    You can pick who you please - heck I don't care if you just take 'em all from the first round but that's no fun.
    The winner gets bragging rights.
    If there is a tie, then the highest rounds win. After that you can duke it out. ;)
    My 20:-
    DeShaun Watson QB
    Patrick Mahomes QB
    Cam Robinson OL
    Jabrill Peppers S/OLB
    Forrest Lamp OL
    Justin Evans S
    Chidobie Awuzie CB
    Josh Jones S
    Taylor Moton OL
    Joshua Dobbs QB
    Brad Seaton OL
    Isaac Asiata OL
    Brandon Reilly WR
    Eric Wilson LB
    Anthony Walker Jr. LB
    Colin Buchanan OL
    Ryan Anderson OLB
    Brian Allen CB
    DJ Jones DT
    Wayne Gallman RB

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