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[NY Daily News] : Anonymous ref says JVG's fine was harsh; other refs agree

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Dr of Dunk, May 12, 2005.

  1. Dr of Dunk

    Dr of Dunk Clutch Crew

    Aug 27, 1999
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    I don't know if this was posted, but just when you thought this saga was over, this comes out. Of course it's an "anonymous ref" who talked to a New York media outlet about Jeff "Noo Yokah" Van Gundy, so...


    Anonymous ref: Van's
    OK, Stern 'overreacted'


    While the spokesman for the NBA referees union is calling for Jeff Van Gundy to be fired, one of Lemell McMorris' rank-and-file members is whistling him for a flagrant foul.
    "I wish Lemell would be smart enough to say, 'This door is closed,' and let's move forward just like the league said," said one veteran referee, who requested anonymity. "What Jeff said is not out of line, as far as I'm concerned."

    On Monday, the NBRA's McMorris told Bloomberg News that some of his members were "furious" that the NBA closed its investigation of Van Gundy and that the Houston Rockets coach would not face further disciplinary action. He later issued a statement calling for Van Gundy to be fired.

    "If the head of the referees' association were smart, he would stop issuing press releases," said NBA commissioner David Stern regarding McMorris' calling for Van Gundy's firing before last night's Miami-Washington playoff game.

    The referee who spoke to the Daily News said that of the referees he's talked to, none is upset by comments Van Gundy made last week that earned him a record $100,000 fine. In fact, the referee felt that David Stern "over-reacted" and that fine was "excessive."

    The controversy began with Van Gundy claiming that a league official informed him that Yao Ming would be watched closely by the referees following complaints made by Mavs owner Mark Cuban regarding Yao setting illegal screens.

    Van Gundy never said that it was a referee who called him even though several media accounts assumed that he meant referee. The league, which threatened Van Gundy with a suspension and even a lifetime ban, was satisfied that it wasn't a referee who contacted Van Gundy. Based on that information, the league wrapped up its investigation while leaving open the possibility that a league official did in fact notify Van Gundy that Yao would be targeted.

    McMorris has had his own troubles with the league in recent months. Last season, he ordered the referees to wear their shirts inside out to protest Michael Henderson being suspended for blowing a 24-second violation in the final minute of a regular-season game.

    The referee called McMorris "a radical" who is good for the referees because he's going to fight the league. But the referee also feels that McMorris is picking the wrong fight since Van Gundy has supported the refs in the past. In fact, following Game 5 of the Rockets-Mavs series, Van Gundy refused to criticize Bennett Salvatore after the official missed a call in the closing seconds with the Rockets trailing by two.
  2. bigbodymoe

    bigbodymoe Contributing Member

    Jun 13, 2002
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    I think this article is on the main page of the website. That Isola guy is on NBA TV all the time doing game analysis and stuff. He is pretty fair-minded and is not the sensationalist type. His commentary is pretty level-headed.
  3. ChrisP

    ChrisP Contributing Member

    Sep 2, 1999
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    uh huh... and yet that's not getting much attention.

    Instead the media focuses on Van Gundy's "retraction" as an indicator that he made the whole story up. He was pretty clear that he was not retracting his comments but only clarifying that he was not talking about a referee.

    I've been very curious about all of this. Stern was so mad he was threatening to ban JVG from the league indefinitely. Then coach says it was not a referee, but I STILL STAND BY MY ORIGINAL STATEMENT, and they call off the investigation. Something still stinks.
  4. Bob

    Bob Member

    Sep 5, 2000
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    The reason the league invented a reason to stop the investigation is - the facts of the case were true and David Stern and the league office doesn't want to get caught. Fixing a gaming whether by Don King or the league office is probably illegal.

    And I think if they kept pressing JVG and suspended or fired him

    1) JVG takes them to court
    2) the league officials and referees would have to testify that yes the league was influencing a game
    3) someone goes to jail
    4) David Stern gets banned for life just like Pete Rose
  5. Will

    Will Clutch Crew
    Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 1999
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    Oops! Frank Isola, you've just won a $100,000 fine!

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