James Harden needs to join Team USA this offseason

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    Difficult ending to a great season. I think the biggest question mark for me has nothing to do with Morey or the team makeup. I know that Morey is going to make some moves and do something to add talent to the team. I know that Mike D'Antoni is not going anywhere, and I am fairly confident that our youngsters like Harrell, Dekker, and Capela will continue to develop.

    I'm not worried about guys 2-15 on the Rockets. The biggest question mark is James Harden. Not really worried about his skills or ability to carry the team at certain points. I am worried mainly about his mental makeup. James has already put up the numbers and has contributed to wins, but he has not yet demonstrated his toughness, his commitment, or his leadership.

    Enter Team USA.

    If Harden doesn't play for Team USA this offseason then it will be a bad sign. Last time James joined Team USA it did wonders for him coming into 2014/15. He still had a terrible game 5 vs. GSW but he didn't play that bad at least he was trying out there.

    He also could do well to shed some weight this offseason as well, he needs to gain back some quickness and stamina.

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