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Inside the NBA Guys Discuss the Recent China and NBA News

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Shaq2Yao, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. WNBA

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    Jul 15, 2002
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    ’inner patriot‘ is one of the basic traits of any decent human being. You do not need to arouse it.
    Only extreme scumbags would betray their motherland and ancestors.
  2. chenjy9

    chenjy9 Numbers Don't Lie
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    Nov 1, 2008
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    Don't be naive. When the people on forums like this one and reddit discuss "freedom of speech", they are defining it by the First Amendment. In fact, the vast majority of society isn't even aware of the UN's version which is largely symbolic. Fact of the matter is, freedom of speech is defined and re-defined at whim by each society as are "natural human rights". On planet Earth, this means it is up to each country's actual domestic policies. What you believe as "natural human rights" is simply the perspective of Western culture.

    Any time a leader of a group expresses an opinion or stance, it has always been perceived by the public as the stance of the group behind him or her. To say that this really only started after social media is folly. Now what social media has done is extended the reach of speech and actions, thus enlarging society. Twitter and Instagram didn’t change the fact that people will perceive what he says as a representation of the Rockets, it simply changed how many people will see or hear it. As far as Morey dragging others into the mess, he absolutely did. If he had thought about his action a bit more, he would have easily foresaw the shitstorm it would cause.

    You might want to re-read my post. I never called you stupid. I called “people” stupid, because they are. I called Morey’s action stupid, because it was. Looking back on the current state of things, I am sure Morey would agree that his action was stupid as well. Just because something could be defined as “right” in our society (standing up for the movement of democracy abroad), doesn’t make it “smart”.
  3. napalm06

    napalm06 Missed Three Pointer Enthusiast
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    Sep 30, 2008
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    I'm so glad that Chinese nationals have turned Clutchfans into reddit...
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  4. daywalker02

    daywalker02 Easter Egg Hunter - Tell me why? نحن عائلة
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    Jul 17, 2006
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    Many elders tell you about what good the party did, some distant relatives even passed that on. IMO relatives telling you is much more effective because you respect your elders as an Asian.

    Also I spent time in a Chinese uni, almost everyone who wasn't a foreigner signed up to be a normal Party member.
    #84 daywalker02, Oct 24, 2019
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  5. tinman

    tinman Contributing Member
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    May 9, 1999
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    It’s going to be great when the city jerseys don’t pander to China anymore

    Americas team
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  6. iXnal

    iXnal Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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    Oh, I got you.
    The Chinese government forced millions of Uighur Muslim into concentration camps so they've already betrayed the Chinese ancestors. They gave up millions square kilometers of land which belong to China for centuries, it looks like they've also betrayed the Chinese motherland. So according to your logic, they must be a bunch of extreme scumbags.
  7. J.R.

    J.R. Contributing Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Q: Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sparked a controversy with a tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters. LeBron James criticized Morey’s timing and received a lot of backlash. You have defended James. Why?

    Barkley: Morey has the right to freedom of speech, but he also has to understand that he works for the Houston Rockets. That’s the No. 1 brand in China for the NBA because of their affiliation with Yao Ming. You can’t insult a foreign country and go make money there. If he believes that [tweet] so much, he should not work for the Rockets.

    Everybody in this country does business in China. All of a sudden, these people want to get on LeBron and Adam Silver for trying to protect their money. Why should [James] sacrifice his money because of some tweet this fool put out? Why should [the NBA] sacrifice their billions?

    We have not heard from [Morey] since that tweet. All these congressmen and politicians were saying Adam Silver needs to stand up to China and that LeBron is selling out. That’s the problem I had with the whole thing: Daryl Morey hasn’t had any consequences. He’s been hiding out since he put out the tweet.

    Q: What next? Should Morey resign or apologize to his NBA colleagues?

    Barkley: If you’re going to jump in the fire, stay in the fire. But he jumped right out. He was not wrong, but he put the NBA, the Rockets, LeBron and Nike in a really bad situation. I don’t know exactly what I want to hear from him now. I don’t want to give you a bogus answer. I hope it goes away.
  8. Wooderson

    Wooderson Member

    Dec 14, 2008
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    I don't care even slightly about Morey "putting" LeBron or Nike in a bad situation.

    What's going to happen? Will they have to pay their sweatshop workers a nickel more an hour?
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