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    I'm watching and will watch the whole season, but I don't really love it. I think I was disappointed in the premise. When I saw the title, I was hoping and expected it to be a cult in the manner of Scientology, or Jim Jones or something. It also had clowns which would usually be a plus.

    This has managed to de-mystify the clown aspect and the cult is definitely not the kind of cult that I was hoping for and expecting. That isn't all the fault of the show because part of it is my own expectations.

    There seem to be more logic gaps in the show than normal but maybe because I haven't bought into this season as much as normal.

    All seasons have had their flaws. Some seasons the flaws were minor, and some seasons the flaws were glaring and horrible. All seasons have had their strong points as well. Some strong points were few and far between. Some seasons were strong for at least most of the way through. This isn't one of my favorite seasons at all.
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    I'm still watching and I usually have already quit at this point. One of the better seasons imo.
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    I saw the first episode and ejected
    based on their history of failure after about 5 episodes
    I may come back and catch up later

    Rocket River

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