Fantasy League With a Salary Cap!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by Avocados Number, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Dec 22, 2011
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    Bill Simmons article gave me the idea and I would love to give it a try if I can find other people willing to roll with it and commit to it.

    -12-16 teams, $65 million salary cap, we will agree on a site to use as the official source for all NBA salaries
    -If you go over the cap at any time, sacrifice waiver order and/or draft picks for next year's draft
    -Draft - first year is random, second year the non-playoff teams will be entered into the lottery and then the other teams will pick in order of records
    -11 roster spots, 10 starters with 1 on the bench. 40 waiver moves throughout the season. 3 day waiver period, order randomized at the beginning of the season and then ordered by whoever hasn't use it yet.
    -You can trade draft picks and waiver picks as long as the trade keeps everyone under the cap and/or tax line

    For full explanation/inspiration:

    Only people who are going to be fully committed to the league join. It will be really fun if we get some owners who are going to go hard.

    Anyway, if there is enough interest I will set up the league.
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    Was excited too when I read the article on grantland this morning, sadly don't have enough time for this(exams in february).

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