[Disney Cinema] Beauty and the Beast

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    I saw this with the family this weekend (an extremely Disneyfied family), and didn't think it was great ... probably not even good. I second the critique of the rushed pacing.

    I just don't see where they improved upon anything in the animated version. The songs felt like cheap knock-offs of the original Orbach/Lansbury versions. The payoff scene of
    everyone returning to human form
    works a lot better in an animated format. Here, it just seemed awkward and a bit creepy
    in the case of Ian McKellen

    I think, for the most part, WD has done a pretty good job with its live-action reboots - Maleficent and Cinderella were pretty good, and I really liked The Jungle Book, but Beauty was a clunker for me. Given how well-done the Jungle Book was, I think Lion King should work, though I see fewer reasons for it to exist than any of the others that Disney has rolled out or queued up.
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    It was okay. Frame by frame (+2) remakes make me question if the original really needed one.

    Then again Disney will likely make a billion off of this

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