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[chron]Bev still a part of Houston, players

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Invisible Fan, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Invisible Fan

    Invisible Fan Insider Newsletter™ 2X Diamond Member
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    Dec 5, 2001
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    Man can talk up whatever he wants, but what he did and is doing speaks volumes.


    Patrick Beverley said he requested a trade from the Rockets so he could have a bigger opportunity elsewhere. His first season with the Clippers was curtailed because of injury.

    Patrick Beverley spent five seasons with the Rockets before being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers with six other players, a 2018 first-round draft pick and cash in last summer's deal that brought All-Star guard Chris Paul to Houston.

    Beverley played 11 games for the Clippers before being ruled out for the season in late November after having surgery on a torn meniscus in his right knee. The 6-1 guard was averaging a career-high 12.2 points along with 2.9 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game.

    His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Walter Lowe, is the team physician for the Rockets and Texans, so Beverley spent a lot of time in Houston during his rehab. Beverley is back in the Houston area to host his second annual Camp Lockdown Skills Camp. Camp Lockdown is a five-day basketball camp running this week for boys and girls ages 6-16 at The Gym in Humble.

    The Chronicle's Parth Upadhyaya spoke with Beverley at his camp this week on everything from Beverley's decision to bring his camp back to the Houston area, being traded by the Rockets, his hatred for the defending NBA champion Warriors and his relationships with his former teammates.

    Q: Even after being traded last summer, what made you want to return to Houston for Camp Lockdown?

    A: My whole family's here. This is my second home. I liked the success we had with the camp (and) the fun the kids had (last year). It's not like a regular camp. I compete. I go out there. It's fun. They have a lot of fun, and they're super excited all the time. And I think I'm more excited than them.

    Q: A lot of NBA players have their own summer camps, but they all aren't always hands-on and playing with the kids. What makes you want to do that?

    A: I'm just a basketball player. I've been that way since I was born. Since I've been in Houston, I've played at many basketball courts. For me, it's just (about) getting sweaty and feeling good. I love to compete. What better environment than to compete at my own camp?

    Q: What does it mean to you to see 144 kids come out to your camp even though you don't play in Houston anymore?

    A: Words can't even speak for it. I used to go to James Harden's camp. I used to see how he was hands-on with his camp. I (saw) how it was organized and how excited the kids were. It's the same thing here. I feel like a dad here. Being able to see these kids year after year and seeing how they compete and seeing how they've grown as players and as people, it's good to be a part of that.

    Q: Why did you ask the Rockets for a trade even before the team made it a goal to bring in Chris Paul?

    A: I've learned a ton under James (Harden). (I watched) how hard he works at his craft, how hard he competes (and) how hard he plays on both ends of the floor. I wanted to see if I could step out of my realm and get that type of responsibility. I wanted a bigger opportunity for myself. I was fortunate to be able to have that with the Clippers. (I was) super excited with how the season started. I played real well. It's just unfortunate (that the) injury (happened). I'm super excited, still, to have that same opportunity and still be able to compete.

    Q: What did it mean for you to see Harden win MVP?

    A: When he first go it, I FaceTimed the man. He was super excited. I honestly thought he should've got it the last two or three years, of course. Him being on a plateau like that, carrying the city, carrying the team like he's been doing for the past six years, it's been unbelievable. It's definitely earned. It wasn't given.

    Q: What are your relationships like with your former Rockets teammates?

    A: I was with Trevor Ariza for his birthday the last night before free agency. I talked to him throughout the playoffs. Clint (Capela) is a big-time friend of mine. You build long-time relationships. I talk to Ryan Anderson. I spoke at his wedding. I talk to Eric Gordon all the time. When you battle (together) on the hardwood, it's more than that outside of basketball. I hate Golden State. I wish the Rockets would've beat them. They fell short, but I was super happy with the success they had last year.

    Q: How did you battle back from your injury and how is rehab coming along?

    A: Rehab is fine — over and done with. I got cleared about two months ago by Dr. Lowe. (I was) coming from a season where I (was) playing, arguably, the best basketball I've ever played in my life. (I had) a career high in points (and) a career high in steals. (It was) an unfortunate situation, but everything happens for a reason. It forced me to get stronger, mentally and physically. I'm ready to go.

    Q: What was your initial state of mind when you went down with the injury in November?

    A: I wanted to come to the best knee doctor and get it worked on. No one else has touched me except Dr. Lowe. (I thought), "It's already happened. I'm hurt. Now, what's the next thing?" That was always me, (looking for) the next phase. That's why I'm to a point right now where I'm able to compete. I got my explosiveness back. I got my lateral quickness back. I got stronger — the strongest I've ever been in my life.

    Q: What are some of your goals this upcoming season with the Clippers?

    A: To make the playoffs. That's the only goal.

    Q: If the Rockets and Warriors meet again in the Western Conference Finals next season, who do you think will win?

    A: Rockets. I'm real anti-Warriors. You could name anybody (against the Warriors), I'd probably say the other team.
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  2. Kevooooo

    Kevooooo Member

    Jul 18, 2014
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    I DM on Twitter like every three months reminding him how much Houston misses him and encouraging him to come back when he becomes a FA.

    I think this is his response. He’s coming home.
  3. Snow Villiers

    Snow Villiers Member

    Mar 13, 2015
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    Bring him home?!?
  4. Garner

    Garner Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    This board is going to lose its collective **** when he resigns with us.
  5. macan

    macan Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    bring him home Daryl
  6. No Chill Rocket

    Nov 19, 2015
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    Trade Chris Paul for Pat Bev! Get err done Morey!!

  7. larsv8

    larsv8 Contributing Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    He can come back and have a bigger role!

    A bigger bench role.
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  8. adeelionaire

    adeelionaire Member

    Feb 16, 2010
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    I'm not crying, I'm just sweating through my eyes
  9. Texanasiafan

    Texanasiafan Member

    Mar 13, 2013
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    He was on ESPN2 The Jump on June 30 the night before the free agency started, and what he said over there were totally different than this article.

    He said there are no friends left once he left the Rox, and he did not even go out for lunch or dinner with any of his former teammates. He said if he needs to pick one superstar from the NBA that he wants to play with,

    he will pick Westbrook.

    Search youtube and you may find this tape.
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  10. Reeko

    Reeko Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Bev said he hates GS

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  11. sammy

    sammy Contributing Member

    Jul 5, 2002
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    Man if we could get him for the MLE next summer #drool
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  12. Fulgore

    Fulgore Member

    Feb 20, 2009
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    Bev hates the warriors. Best part of the article
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  13. rocketsballin

    rocketsballin Member

    Nov 23, 2012
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    wouldnt mind clogging the guard rotation for him.vet min thisyear, next offseason sighn him to a real contract
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  14. kjayp

    kjayp Contributing Member

    Jul 28, 2006
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    I'll always have love and respect for Bev!

    and I discount anything he has to say to 'fit in' with his new locale...
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  15. Aruba77

    Aruba77 Contributing Member

    Jul 7, 1999
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    he's a free agent after this season. he'll be 31. he plays great D and he's shot very well from 3pt the last three years (40% last year before the injury). With CP3 a permanent injury risk, i'd love to bring Bev back to fill out the back court.
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  16. napalm06

    napalm06 Fire Bill O'Brien
    Supporting Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    Refreshing to see an NBA player actually call out the Warriors.
  17. Plowman

    Plowman Contributing Member

    Sep 26, 1999
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    For the vet minimum, or no.
  18. Shark44

    Shark44 Member

    Sep 21, 1999
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  19. J.R.

    J.R. Contributing Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Scrub Bev?

    ; )
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  20. Madclownpacasum

    Jul 6, 2013
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    He belongs in HTOWN
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