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    1. LCAhmed
      Couldn't find a way to message you, figured this would do. I have tickets already for the wife and I, but would be down to meet a fellow Rocket fan/ Clutchfanner prior to the game, at halftime, or afterwards. If you want to email me, feel free at

      Looking forward to hearing from you!
    2. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Winter is coming...

      Prepare yourself for a December to remember!

      Happy Holidays to you & yours, The_Yoyo!
    3. The_Yoyo
      Now of the two I would have to go with Hakeem just because of the combination of both offense and defense Hakeem possessed. Even if he may not have scored as much as Moses did - Hakeem potentially could erupt for 35+ points any night especially with the vast array of moves he had. I think Hakeem had to go through one of the toughest eras for centers as well from his young years to his peak. The versatility on offensive was big - Hakeem was one of the first big men I remember being able to draw out defenders past the free throw line with his jumper. Moses was a brutal inside force primarily. His touch wasn't as refined - there was a reason why people felt Moses' rebounding numbers at times were inflated because he kept rebounding his own misses.

      I do think Moses would have a tougher time adjusting to today's league and rules compared to Hakeem just because Hakeem was far more athletic and quick.
    4. 959sz
      Hi the yoyo,
      Sorry for disturbing you.I 'm a Moses Malone&Barkley fan from China.I love 1981 rockets&1997-1999 rockets too much.I know you watch Rockets game for long years.
      I have a question about Moses and Olajuwon.In your opinion,who is the better player?

      I think Moses is better offencer&rebounder,but Hakeem is better defender.
      And Moses is better a little on drawing foul&FT.
      I had watched 5 or 6 games copy between Moses&Hakeem during 1985-1990,I believe you watch a ton of game for this matchup.So can you talking about something about this?
      Thanks very much.
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