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Dec 17, 2007
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Oct 16, 2017 at 4:34 PM
    1. cerophilik
      hey watsup man it's ailpp from ballstream. Haven't seen u in a while
    2. tamericus
      You need to contribute to the tip jar and include your screenname in the description. While I believe Clutch said somewhere there is no minimum, I had to donate a couple times before getting the status (the second being the larger), you should be safe with about 20-25 bucks though I think (don't quote me on that).

      Once you get contributing member you'll be able to search and edit posts. Let me know if you have any more questions. There's a bunch of threads in the Feedback forum about getting this status, i.e.

      Good Luck!
    3. tallanvor
      First off this only worked for the internet. Not the mobile device apps.

      MAke sure both people are logged off.

      1) Have person A log on and start watching a stream.
      2) person A clicks the log off button in the top right corner he should now still be watching the stream even though he is logged out.
      3) have person B log in and select a stream.

      We did this and it worked fine
    4. Voice of Aus
      Voice of Aus
      Firletsy before I go any further do u have a jail broken device?
    5. Voice of Aus
      Voice of Aus
      Yeah its on the "NBA Game Time app"

      heres a brief summary, let me know if your going to go through with it and JB your iPhone and ill go though in more details. (im to scared to make a youtube vid of it because i think someone from the NBA could see it and make a new app for me to download with changes in how to buy the league pass)

      Ill give u a brief outline of what I figured out

      - jailbreak my iPad.. And all the necessary steps that come with it
      - download nba game time app on the iPad..
      - turn wifi off
      - go to the app packages, select buy now on the league pass.. Then when it asks for your password click cancel and go out of the app.. Then go back into the app and u will have a league pass for free
      - note I have had league pass for 3 consecutive seasons paying a grand total OF $0.00

      Feel free to asks questions like how to jailbreak or what other steps in the jailbreak process I did...

      Hope I helped
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