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    1. jocar
      Hey durvasa, I think these 3 may meet your criteria.

      1. Jesus' birth/place, lineage, life, death

      2. Plight of the Jews and birth of Israel. (Can be argued as self-fulfilling, but was enslavement, suffering, and persecution be self-induced?).

      3.Babylon. Once the biblical equivalent of NY or Las Vegas, "will never again be inhabited again". And never was. (Ask Saddam Hussein)


      These are condensed articles n leave a bunch of passages out. There are literally 100's of these prophecies. No other religious writings come even close. I hope some of this makes you give it a "second look". I'd like to hear ur response, (you sound like a very intelligent and open minded guy who will give a it a fair trial). And I've just begun this journey, myself. U can email me to avoid walls of text on our visitor page if u want @ jocarlo333@gmail.
    2. SuperStar
      Do you also offer tax advice Durv besides being a stats guru :( ?
    3. SuperStar
      lol I'm jealous Durv. Getting clutch to defend you with that quote of not trading you for 1 billion Allegros.
    4. SuperStar
      All good. Some other posters said Vince Carter and Iverson so that's good enough for me. I was arguing with someone that said Yao was the only one that didn't deserve to be in the All Star game that got in. Keep up the good stats mr stat man!
    5. SuperStar
      Hey Durv I need your help. Can you list me some players that got voted in the all star game but didn't deserve it? I remembered there was a year Shaq was injured pretty much the entire season. Thanks!
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    "It's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong." - Richard Feynman