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Driving my wife crazy.


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    1. dandorotik
      You know, I'm sure I'll poke around in the Hangout - it's just that I'll be traveling a lot so it will be difficult to post too much. I made a crazy decision to use actual locations for my novels, so I have to make a lot of trips to Fort Sumner, NM in the next 12 months (go figure). I am sincerely appreciative of your kind words and look forward to conversing with you down the road. The Other DD
    2. Yetti
      Deckard, See that you are in Austin, I live in San Antonio, I am from Liverpool England, would welcome a chance to visit any time you have people over to see the game. Regards, Joe Walker
    3. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Winter is coming...

      Prepare yourself for a December to remember!

      Happy Holidays to you and yours, Deckard!
    4. GMNot
      Thanks. I do appreciate it.
    5. GMNot
      Hello Deckard,

      I've been on this forum off and on since 2002 also. I post when something stirs me and then get off. Hard to believe, but only recently did I discover the CP and with that, comments from other members. I saw one from a year ago from you (at least I think it was you; it was signed Deck) and then didn't realize that some members can be emailed via PM. I don't see that option under your profile, but wanted to acknowledge that you rep'd a post of almost a year ago, also with a short comment. Most members who have rep'd posts I've made didn't sign, so I couldn't thank them. But, even though it's belated, thanks. I don't want to be rude to anyone by ignoring a complement. At least I'm aware to check my CP after logging in to post and can at least try to thank anyone who makes a comment. I just hope I didn't create a wrong impression due to my ignorance.

      1. Deckard likes this.
    6. i3artow i3aller
    7. i3artow i3aller
    8. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller
    9. i3artow i3aller
    10. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      I've got two extra tickets for the Denver game if you are interested.
    11. basso
      Hey- coming to Austin for SXSW- buy you an adult beverage?
    12. RedRedemption
      512 represent!
    13. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      When are you going to join the Clutch Community?
    14. B-Bob
    15. thumbs
      Aloha, David! (Hello/good-bye.) Like b-bob, I think it's time to leave since there is rarely anything new under the D&D sun. We've had a host of tusk to tusk exchanges ... some good laughs ... an occasional commiseration over a bridge too far. In my early D&D days I tried to provide my rationale for positions, which admittedly are to the right of center. Later, to counter extreme posters who adamantly refused to consider differing views, I confess to exaggerating my actual positions as a foil to their tunnel vision. My bad, but I did have a purpose. Anyway, I always felt you were rational, and I hope you always perceived that you had my respect. I wish there were a "better" D&D with an entry that had to be earned with administrator points for civil discourse, individual perception and originality. If ever you wish to communicate, you know my email address ( Well, as I said, aloha and warmest regards, Mike
    16. BonziWellsGOAT
      Quick question...relatively new to the forum just wondering how rep system works as far as how many points for a new square....seems like ive been stuck on Terrence Jones for a while even though ive been getting points lol Anyway seems that youre a CF vet so I figured I'd ask. Thanks
    17. Deji McGever
      Deji McGever
      Deckard, can you contact me directly at zach at dejimedia dot com? I have some questions about Texas politics and I promise I'm not a replicant.
    18. mikol13
      Blade Runner starting now on Encore! Just saying.
    19. kjayp
      I posted 1 sidenote - and then replied to others comments regarding my post... on a thread that had already lost its steam... maybe in the future I should just start a whole new thread on my personal thoughts - like so many others do.... get real, man.... kjayp
    20. KingCheetah
      Just got Children of the Sky from Amazon... looks epic.
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    February 1
    Home Page:
    Austin, Texas.
    Driving my wife crazy.
    Born & raised in Houston, but living in Austin for 30 years. Been lurking around here for what feels like forever (Spring, '98?), and remember "the Mall Guy," Popeye's big Francis scoop... too afraid of Mango and Behad to register!

    Rockets, reading, tropical fish, and a bunch of other stuff.


    "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles... scream & shout."