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Feb 13, 1999
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Sep 26, 2016 at 4:02 PM
    1. dumbartonbass

      Could you please add me as a contributing member? I've donated twice over my time here on the board, but have never received this designation. I'm happy to email you the most recent receipt.

    2. eric.81
      Hey Clutch. Could you please move my status to CONTRIBUTING MEMBER? I donated via Pay Pal on the 20th anniversary. Please advise if you need me to email you the receipt. THANKS! This site is the best.
    3. Ekiu
      Sorry meant no offense thought it was clear sarcasm especially with the part about Les, seeing as how Les is well respected amongst ex-players and Kenny was most likely a candidate because of his relationship with Les.
    4. freckleslol
      Hi Clutch,

      Hope you've enjoyed some time off after our early playoff exit... I contributed sometime last year and would really appreciate it if you could upgrade my status. My transaction ID was: 93D11328CP892414K.

    5. ISOBall
      Sorry for last threads title I flamed up when I saw Draymong put Beas on the ground like that
    6. Nick_713
    7. omgTHEpotential
      Hey Clutch, when's the new podcast coming up? I think with the DMo trade being voided, you'd have a lot to talk about :)
    8. Camarograna2
      hi clutch. I forgot to enter my id when contributing. My paypal transaction is 8ST83565A1178500E Greatly appreciate if you can update my status
    9. Bäumer

      I know you are a busy man running this awesome site. I donated $20 via PayPal a few weeks ago. My confirmation number is 1764-5821-9761-2626. If my member status could be updated I would appreciate it.

    10. i3artow i3aller
    11. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Winter is coming...

      Prepare yourself for a December to remember!

      Thanks for everything, Clutch! Happy holidays to you and yours!
    12. gogispade
      When will u record new podcast Clutch?
    13. i3artow i3aller
    14. Ns575
      Can you send me the link to contribute to this wonderful site?
    15. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Hey, CLutch! I was hoping to have my rep privileges reinstated for the new season if that's alright. Go Rockets!!!
    16. Ramathorn006
      Hey Clutch I contributed $20 to the site on June 24, 2015. My status has never been updated. My receipt ID is 4525-7779-1907-2943
    17. Scarface281
      I donated $30 to the tip jar about two weeks ago. Can't find the transaction ID in my email, but the description os my username and the recepit ID is: 3992-4815-7144-8436
    18. Madano
      Hey Clutch,
      I've made two separate donations to the tip jar ($7 - Unique Transaction ID #3TB89944K9144471W and $10 - Unique Transaction ID #94Y34359SY854660J). If I could be made a contributing member whenever you get a chance that would be awesome.
      Thanks for keeping this awesome site/community going!
    19. saleem
      Hello Clutch,
      I remembered my password and I was able to log in on my laptop. I have saved it. I don't need another password. Please disregard my request for a new password.
    20. saleem
      Hello Clutch, I would appreciate your help in obtaining a new password. I have emailed a request to you regarding this 5 or 6 days ago along with my username saleem and my email. I am sure you get many requests out of your valuable time.

      I logged out on my laptop and forgot my password, but I can use it on my IPhone because I haven't logged out there.
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