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Nov 3, 2003
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I am King of everything I survey, and you have unwittingly become part of my domain! I control your thoughts and emotions!!! ;-) Oct 16, 2016

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    1. BamBam
      I am King of everything I survey, and you have unwittingly become part of my domain! I control your thoughts and emotions!!! ;-)
    2. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller

      Winter is coming...

      Prepare yourself for a December to remember!

      Happy holidays & the very best wishes to you and yours!
    3. SwoLy-D
      OK, then, mister misconstruing. Well done!
    4. SwoLy-D
      I read all that. I READ ALL THAT. Believe me. I know what's going on with that clicka. :p

      Me asking him to remove it has nothing to do with "I agree with you" in secret, man. It's dealing personally with personal stuff that's a bit of an unkosher thing on hp's part. I've shared personal things, but never posted myself like that. Others have and I may have noticed, but I'm not mocking anyone else... besides DaDa... LOLs.

      Back to the "bravery" thing: why must you admit to things to others in secret? Admit it, it was a mistake for you to accept agreeing with me like that. I'm not being brave, I have points. LOLs. People take everything so seriously.
    5. SwoLy-D
      Still reminds me of cowardice, regardless of what I am.
    6. SwoLy-D
      Read the rep? It reminds me of how much of a coward someone is not to mention what they only want to mention in private. I am Disappoint, sir.
    7. i3artow i3aller
    8. i3artow i3aller
      i3artow i3aller
    9. SwoLy-D
      I'm out for the count! The count du count! :p
    10. i3artow i3aller
    11. SwoLy-D
      LOLs. Nice. I don't take the interwebs that seriously, and I was being serious about my questions to you. But when I see someone isn't being fair and just P'ing on others, such was the case that didn't get any attention until I started being extremely serious with FT about how mean he was being. And to top it all off, I was the one who reported him and that's probably why the admin saw the entire thread and took me too seriously... in the hangout.
    12. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Welcome to the Clutch Community!
    13. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      I can't wait to meet you someday at one of our events in the future. Peace Brother!
    14. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Fruity? Don't make me start referring to you as Gallagher. Lol
    15. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      Hey funny man! When are you going to join us? Clutch Community could use someone of your stature. :-)
    16. Joshfast
      I freaking love Luby's

    17. KillScarz
      Didn't mean to kick you, lol. Just help you out a little. Agreed in what you wrote down though.
      Keep your head up.
    18. SwoLy-D
      Amor de Dios... ¡amor de Dios es lo que ustedes no tienen! Tú eres el hijo de Satanás--
    19. SwoLy-D
      He talk crazy... no entiendo un carajo!
    20. BamBam
      There will always be opposition, stay strong and fight
      the good fight! Funny how people don't complain about
      all the "Best" threads in the bbs hangout....
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