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  1. BamBam
    BamBam bwax01
    You've been here since 2004! It's time for you to stop lurking and jump in the water... ;-)

    Send me a heads up before you make your first post, I want to be the first to give you some likes!!!
  2. IBTL
    IBTL Sep11ie
    cheers man gotta be positive and why not be for a moment at least! If things go downhill then we can be sad then. Go rockets
    1. Sep11ie
      Well said my man! I've gone through some tough years with the Pirates when I lived in Pittsburgh... Years that I wished were as good as the Rockets bad years. I'm not a Westbrook fan, but why would I have been, he was the enemy. He is passionate, gives 160% and never looks like he doesn't think his team is gonna win. I think it's gonna provide a much needed boost to moral.!
      Jul 13, 2019 at 10:32 PM
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    2. Sep11ie
      I've also read about how loved of a teammate he is. Lol, sorry to ramble. Go Rox
      Jul 13, 2019 at 10:32 PM
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  3. IROC it
    IROC it
    From the birthplace of Buc-ee's, to the Greater DFW... IROC it
  4. tonyj1965
    Rockets looking at 3 team trade for Westbrook's
  5. Jay Craft
    Jay Craft UTSA2step
    When did you graduate from UTSA? I graduated in 2016
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    2. Jay Craft
      Jay Craft
      Jul 11, 2019 at 9:08 AM
    3. Jay Craft
      Jay Craft
      Go Runners
      Jul 11, 2019 at 9:08 AM
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    4. UTSA2step
      Go Runners!
      Jul 11, 2019 at 1:26 PM
  6. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 ThatBoyNick
    ...There are too many in our populace who do not have advocates that they can recognize, especially with the demographics about to change radically. Being republicans-lite won't be enough of a political platform on its own, but people will have to go and vote, disenfranchised or not, in order to establish what that Democratic platform is or has to be. Well said. --mdrowe00
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  7. CheezeyBoy22
  8. basketballholic
    Win slow or win smart but love it all the same.
  9. robgue
  10. harold bingo
  11. barabbas14
    Waiting for MJ and LBJ to admit that Hakeem is #1.
  12. robroy77
  13. Joshfast
  14. Bearius Jones
  15. saleem
    saleem BaselineFade
    I always look forward to your posts. You're a terrific Houston Rockets fan and you bring lots of good ideas.
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  16. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 JayGoogle
    ...exactly. Smart people (scientists, for example) know better than to argue or debate with someone who argues from a false or misleading premise...whether that's intentional or not...because all you eventually wind up doing is legitimizing a faulty or flawed idea. Lies need the truth more than the truth needs a lie. --mdrowe00
    1. JayGoogle
      They all work the same way. Ancient Aliens, Flat Earth, Anti-vaxxers, whatever the theory is it is always on the basis that you shouldn't trust the data and proof that you've probably seen before. Once you stop believing in the truth then you can believe in practically anything.
      Jun 11, 2019
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  17. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 Jugdish
    ...this will, of course, be way over a lot of peoples' heads here...but one of the unfortunate truths of criminal justice in the 20th century has been that black and brown people are criminals waiting for a crime to assign to them. Great moment in a show full of great moments. --mdrowe00
  18. mdrowe00
    mdrowe00 leroy
    ...as we've all seen for the better part of a decade or more now (certainly on the national level), the major problems with our government is largely rooted in the compositions of our state and local governments. Get the state houses fixed, and the federal ones look (and hopefully act) a whole lot better. --mdrowe00
  19. BreakYoSelfFool
    BreakYoSelfFool Clutch
    I accidentally made 2 threads called best fit for the rockets in 2019 draft can they be merged
  20. cebu
    Grow up Harden.
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