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  1. Colt45
    Colt45 Hey Now!
    Just saw the Bagwell love for your efforts on his behalf. Quite a step up from being called out by Ian Howfield, no? Astros fans everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude.
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  2. OldYelllowDog
    OldYelllowDog don grahamleone
    been a fan since before the champ years, yup, needed to change to right avatar
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  3. don grahamleone
    don grahamleone OldYelllowDog
    OldYellowDog with no yellow in avatar.. come on man! ;-)
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  4. hakeem94
  5. WhoMikeJames
  6. RobKsports
  7. don grahamleone
    don grahamleone BimaThug
    Is the Bima part the Bimah? I've always wondered and just thought to ask now.
  8. bushies
    bushies Batman Jones
    Hey Jason,

    I mentioned that I was excited about seeing The Designated Mourner, but I didn't see your message about how it's likely to sell out. Well, I screwed the pooch.
    1. bushies
      There's only one ticket left for Saturday night's performance, and I had planned on going with a friend since I saw your post (but just stupidly sat on my ass and didn't get a ticket til now).
      Jan 11, 2017
    2. bushies
      Is there any way that I might be able to pay and squeeze one more in? I'm happy to take the worst seat in the house. So sorry to ask you for this, but I'd love to meet you and be able to see it.
      Jan 11, 2017
    3. bushies
      If not, I totally understand, as this is a pretty unusual request.

      Jan 11, 2017
  9. Jmcballer88
    Jmcballer88 oelman44
    Old man you better pick or ill d i c k slap u
  10. pkmagas
    pkmagas King of 40 Acres
    Really just looking for a good value. Let me know how much they'll run me. Thanks!
  11. Jmcballer88
  12. Madclownpacasum
  13. Madclownpacasum
    If the can only trade Brewer for any good SG/SF like Dunleavy then we are good to go.
  14. don grahamleone
    don grahamleone wizkid83
    Something tells me you're not a "kid" anymore. How about changing to wizoldfart83? Or DecrepitWizard83 or SeniorCitizenXWizard or TheGeriatricShaman83? Kidding of course, hope all is well. Good thread about small moves. -don g
  15. donkeypunch
    Training for the quick release.
  16. daywalker02
    daywalker02 Tha_Dude
    welcome on Ignore
  17. RocketsFan0
    Lowry, Brooks, Martin, Battier, Ming
  18. Dream lover
  19. Johndoe804
    Johndoe804 Aussie_Fozzey
    RE: Tickets

    How crazy are you? Would you stand in the fan section shouting and hollering the whole time?
  20. RocketsFan0
    Aaron Brooks with the Alley-Oop lay up from Artest.. and it's good!